My philosophy is that training is a right and not a privilege

What is NLP?

NLP is an “attitude of curiosity and a methodology that has left behind a trail of techniques” that are extremely powerful in creating long lasting changes in an individual's state, beliefs, thought process and behaviour.

We weren't born with an instruction manual for the mind and with NLP, we can introduce to you the tools you can use to create the life and the results that you want. Applications of NLP carry great benefits in business and personal development as it provides us with tools to model human excellence in areas of communication, goal setting, managing change and understanding the use of effective language. NLP helps you to get results you want.

Introduction to NLP (One Day Foundation course)

You will discover:

Licensed NLP Practitioner Training Programme

What you will learn during this 7 day training:

What people have said about neil and his training...

“I got to know Neil during a training project in Amsterdam. Neil is a sharp observer and he is able to give very detailed feedback. As a trainer he is able to create a safe learning environment and is able to put trainees at ease. Because of his broad and deep NLP knowledge he is able to design high impact training lessons.”

“The first thing you notice when you talk to Neil is his honest, patient, optimistic, sincere, respectful, service orientated approach and his clear way of communicating. Neil is sensitive to other people's feelings, and believes in other peoples competences. He understands human behavior and also group behavior and knows how to change people for the better.”

“Neil is a very good trainer. He is empathic, patient and ensures he knows what he is talking about. I enjoyed his classes and the times working together. He is open to feedback and knows how to give it as well.”